DOD’s third attempt to implement IPv6 isn’t going well

It may be ‘boring’, but having an inventory of what’s on your network is THE crucial first step in any infrastructure project. I have some sympathy for extremely large and diverse network operators but starting a migration project without an inventory is just asking for trouble…:

On Monday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the auditing agency of the US government, said that the DOD’s third attempt isn’t doing any better either.

GAO officials said the DOD failed to follow four basic requirements that were set out by the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in 2006.

The four requirements were part of an OMB guideline sent to all federal agencies detailing the proper procedure for upgrading networks from IPv4 to IPv6.

“For its current [third] initiative, DOD has not completed three of four longstanding OMB requirements,” GAO auditors said in a report published on Monday.


GAO auditors said that while the DOD has assigned an official to lead and coordinate the agency’s IPv6 migration planning, they have failed to complete the three other recommended steps.

These included creating an inventory of all existing IP (internet-connectable) devices, putting together a cost estimate for all the IPv4 devices that will need to be replaced, and putting together a risk analysis of the IPv6 protocol — the very same step that thwarted their previous attempts.


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