Dorset comes third for highest number of cyberattacks than anywhere else in UK

I live part of the time in Dorset. I like to think of it as a genteel place with great seafood, surprisingly good local wine, superb beer and as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Not as a hot bed of cybercrime…:

The county has recorded 9.1 victims of cybercrime per 1,000 people – the third highest rate compared to other areas in the UK.

The study comes from cyber security company Clario, which suggests a number of possible reasons why Dorset’s population appears to be falling victim to more cyber attacks than other areas.

These include the fact people may not be taking basic precautions and the county’s ageing population, which may be less computer literate than areas with a younger demographic.

However, Dorset Police said statistics from 2020 reveal cyber crime is ‘evenly spread’ across all age groups.


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