‘Draconian’ moves to control internet in Asia

It may be a bit dystopian, but…In a couple of years I think we’ll see many western governments adopting similar measures but aimed against the tech companies rather than the citizenry…:

BANGKOK, Feb 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – From Cambodia to India and the Philippines, countries in Asia have introduced a slew of internet and data use legislation in recent months, with human rights group warning the measures raise the risk of mass surveillance and free speech violations.

More than six nations have launched contact tracing systems during the pandemic – mostly without adequately safeguarding data privacy and security, campaigners say, and there have been numerous internet shutdowns and content blocks on social media and websites.

“Human rights violations in the region have moved into the digital space,” said Sutawan Chanprasert, founder of DigitalReach, a digital rights organisation in Bangkok.

“The trend of governments adopting laws to increase surveillance and curtail digital freedom will likely continue, threatening freedom of expression and information, threatening privacy, and putting digital security at risk,” she said.

Here are some of the regulations and draft laws that have been introduced:


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