Email Out, Business Out: Three-Day Outage Could Cost Billions

I read this as “an attack on Microsoft would cost the UK billions…” Do you have an alternative plan if your mail vendor goes down?…:

[…] The analysis shows that 47% of businesses in the UK use “one vendor in particular.” The vendor is not named. But an outage would provide “an excellent example on which to model the potential implications of a cyber catastrophe targeting such a crucial platform,” the study states.

The study estimates that “the economic loss estimate for the cyber event within a three-day email service outage or the entire active companies in the UK” would be U.S. $44 billion.

However, the “economic impact of the event,” the “ground up loss,” is seen as $4.9.billion.

And the gross insured loss — a figured determined by “taking into account insurance adoption rates as well as the terms, conditions and average waiting periods before business interpretation coverage is activated” — is $3.25 billion.


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