Energy sector most at risk of cyber incidents, Hiscox analysis reveals

This is counter-intuitive. You’d expect finance to be most under attack as “That’s where the money is” and government because of geo-politics. Maybe Hiscox (who are my insurer) are fishing for business from the energy sector…:

According to a new Cyber Threat Ranking Table from Hiscox, built from a global study on cyber readiness, energy companies in the UK were among the most likely to experience one or more cyber incidents over the last 12 months.

This finding comes despite 84% of energy firms having a dedicated cyber security role. However, only 68% have a cyber insurance policy, and the mean budget allocated to cyber security within the sector was 10% less than the national average.

Conversely, the professional services sector, which includes lawyers, accountants and consultants, proved to be the most cyber-ready, receiving the lowest risk score overall, reporting the least cyber events and being among the most able industries to measure cyber impact.


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