Estonia as an international cybersecurity leader

Tiny Estonia punches way above its weight for two reasons. Firstly they have probably the most advanced digital government program in the world, so just about everything is online. Secondly, they are under constant attack so there’s considerable pressure to get security sorted…:

[…] The answer is directly related to Estonia’s experience with cyberattacks in 2007, policy decisions then, and steps forward since.

In spring 2007, during a time of heightened tension between Estonia and Russia, Estonian online services came under a barrage of cyber attacks of varying intensity and sophistication. They continued for three weeks. Luckily—and surprisingly to some Western observers—Estonia was quite successful in defending against the attacks, and direct damage was minimal. But the implications were huge; the attacks demonstrated the risks of political events extending into cyberspace, and the social threat posed by large-scale disruption of the public internet. This was emblematic of the future of war, and a wake-up call for all nations.


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