Everything you need to know about VPN trackers – CNET

I’m reasonably paranoid about privacy. I use an in-house VPN which doesn’t have any tracking but I’m probably in the minority. Most users of VPNs seem to be using them for one of two use cases: to give a semblance of privacy; to bypass regional restrictions for streaming services. But there are privacy issues that come along with these apps. It’s time to publicise the dodgy data sharing practises of the VPN apps…:

[…] On top of that, since Apple introduced its App Tracking Transparency functionality in its App Store, you now have a much clearer picture of any application’s tracking practices. You can now see if any app you’re looking to download wants to track you and share your data with third parties and you can easily deny those permissions. Google introduced similar functionality with its recent Android 12 release.

In addition to scrutinizing a VPN app’s tracking practices, you’ll want to scour its privacy policy to see what kinds of trackers it uses, what data it collects and who it shares that data with. If you notice that a provider you’re looking at is sharing user data with an abundance of third parties, or if the provider isn’t up front or totally transparent about its practices, then it’s best to move along and find something else.


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