Facebook, Google business models a ‘threat to human rights’: Amnesty report

The concept of ‘informed consent’ comes to the fore here. I’m fine with people signing up to services where they are aware that they are ‘the product’. I use the various social media platforms myself, separating my private and ‘public’ lives into different accounts. However, the vast majority never read the T&Cs, dismiss all warning pop-ups, and delete any email that attempts to keep them informed. How do we ensure ‘informed consent’ from an audience that simply doesn’t care?

This is where regulation (which I generally hate) comes in. Maybe we should christen the regulator the Department of Don’t be Evil?…:

Amnesty International in a report has said tech giants Facebook and Google should be forced to abandon what it calls a “surveillance-based business model” that is ”predicated on human rights abuse.”

“Despite the real value of the services they provide, Google and Facebook’s platforms come at a systemic cost,” the human rights group said in its 60-page report published on Thursday.

Amnesty said that by gathering up personal data to feed advertising businesses, the two firms carry out an unprecedented assault on privacy rights.

‘Faustian bargain’

Amnesty said the companies force people to make a ”Faustian bargain,” where they share their data and private information in exchange for access to Google and Facebook services.


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