Facebook users targeted in massive phishing campaign – Malwarebytes Labs

Not seen this on my own FB account, though I routinely delete messages and never click any link in Messenger…:

[…] A Facebook user receives a notification in Messenger. This is, at its most basic, a rogue link. There’s no information around whether a message accompanies it, and if so, what it says. However, something as simple as the below messages are routinely used in Facebook scams:

  • Seen this?
  • Is this you in the photo?
  • Guess who died?
  • Check this out!

The link is shortened to help bypass any Facebook spam filters. The shortening services used are commonplace, popular and entirely legitimate. This makes it trickier for Facebook to figure out if the link is potentially good or bad.

The link takes potential victims to a variety of sites but a phishing page will be the primary destination. Once phished, the victim is sent elsewhere. It could be a promotion, a survey scam, or pretty much anything else that’s ad-centric. There’s also the mention of potential malvertising pages, on top of the threat of being phished. All these links have ad trackers and other ad-related forms of revenue generation buzzing away in the background.


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