Forget Data Privacy; 80% Of Firms Don’t Even Have A Password Policy

CXO Today makes the point that many organisations don’t have the security basics in place. When advising clients I often start by asking for their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which, as well as rules like “Don’t visit dodgy porn sites on company PCs”, includes things like how to set and maintain passwords. Have you got an AUP that you think anyone pays attention to?…:

The pandemic has forced more people, businesses, and governments to move online. That means consumers can rightly expect that the brands and organizations they deal with on a daily basis, would protect their data online. However, a new study by cyber protection firm Acronis shows that 80% of companies do not even have an established password policy, forget protecting and safeguarding user data, which would be too much to ask!

The findings released on the eve of international Data Privacy Day (January 28) is extremely disturbing, considering our normal lives now happens online – be it work, studies, shopping and even socializing. The cyber protection experts further warn that breaches in 2021 are poised to expose more data than ever and alert organizations that immediate action is needed to avoid costly attacks.


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