Four more European nations sign onto US 5G security agreements

In my decades of working for telcos we had little intrinsic trust in suppliers. We always built test networks and bashed the hell out of them for functional and operational resilience before putting anything in production. I sat on the engineering board for one of BT’s PABX manufacturers. I remember when we plugged the first digital signalling version into our test network. The alarm printer (yes, it was a paper tape in those days) ran out of paper in seconds. That took us a few weeks to sort out. Most telcos are at least two major software releases behind the current Cisco version because it takes time to make sure that anything new doesn’t break the network.

I suspect the US are using this initiative for geopolitical advantage as well as for security, but it’s a good idea in any case…:

The US Department of State announced on Friday that it signed four more European nations to 5G security statements.

The Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia all made a joint declaration with the United States, while Kosovo signed a memorandum of understanding. The text of all four were very similar.

“To promote a vibrant and robust 5G ecosystem, the Slovak Republic and the United States believe that a rigorous evaluation of suppliers and supply chains should take into account the rule of law; the security environment; ethical supplier practices; and a supplier’s compliance with security standards and best practices,” one of the declarations read.

The declarations fall under Washington’s Clean Network program announced in August to cover carriers, app stores, cloud computing, and subsea cables.


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