Free Beer?

There are lots of offers being made by technology vendors at the moment. Why are they doing this? Are we talking free, as in beer?

The offers tend to be for free periods for services that would usually be paid for. They fall into two buckets:

  1. Helping healthcare organisations
  2. Helping anyone coping with the increased risks of remote working and other changes caused by the pandemic

What’s in it for the vendors?

  • Good public relations
  • Positive engagement for their staff while making a difference
  • Potential future revenues if they can convert free to paid

Also :

  • They have the fixed overheads anyway
  • Most are valued on Annual Recurring Revenue/Customer numbers so gaining clients whilst deferring revenues still improves the company valuation.

How can you take advantage?

Treat this as an opportunity to pilot or implement things that you have in your roadmap, or just want to try out. Pull projects forward without having to pull budget forward.

Many offers for healthcare in the USA are listed here: but I’d like to highlight a few available outside the USA, that I have a particular interest in:

1. Checking your cybersecurity posture

Axonius are offering the Axonius Asset Management Platform for free, no strings attached to healthcare providers, to help them evaluate their security posture and asset management practices to identify risk during the pandemic. Use Axonius to correlate asset data from the tools you’re already using to understand the new normal as your workforce transitions to a largely remote one — all in a couple of hours.

2. Train your teams

Outthink are offering free training modules based on working from home. Could be very useful if your teams are scattered.

3. Identify attacks

Smokescreen are offering to implement their SaaS-based IllusionBlack platform for three months free of charge which will help catch attackers as they move around you network. Also good as an early warning for ransomware and other nasties that try to spread laterally.

4. Check for breaches

CybelAngel will scan sources outside your organisation (network shares, s3 buckets, pastebin etc.) to see if your data is being shared where it shouldn’t be. They offer a free trial of the service to see what;’s already ‘out there’.

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