GCHQ foils cyberattack plots to imitate fire brigade and hack airlines

Good to see an effective use of resources…:

British spies have foiled 650 big cyberattacks in the past year including attempts to imitate the emergency services and a plot to hack airlines.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a branch of GCHQ, says in its annual report that criminals are developing more sophisticated ploys such as using bogus solicitors’ firms and impersonating legitimate companies. It has blocked 150,000 emails sent out in the name of a fire service that had been deregistered after merging with another.

The NCSC said that airlines, which hold passengers’ personal information, were big targets for identity thieves and foreign intelligence agencies. It cited Chafer, a hacking group said to be linked to Iran. It also said that it had disrupted a million rogue credit card transactions.


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