GCHQ sets out rules of the road for AI in cyber

Much like the medical profession has introduced ethics into its governance, IT have to do the same. If an algorithm is making decisions then they need to be examined in the same way as a doctor. This paper might make a good bit of weekend reading…:

[…] In Ethics of AI: Pioneering a new national security, GCHQ sets out why AI technology will inevitably find itself at the heart of its core mission to protect the UK’s national security, and how it can be used appropriately. It has been released ahead of an upcoming government review of security, defence, development and foreign policy.

GHCQ said that AI would be a critical issue for the UK’s security in the 21st century, and that while many are excited by the opportunities it presents, left unchecked it too readily reflects the inherent beliefs and assumptions – whether good, bad or neutral – of those who design it.

It said the UK needs increased dialogue and debate around the use and protection of AI so that it can be used in a way that maximises the positives, while minimising the risk to individual privacy.

The paper outlines how GCHQ will ensure it uses AI fairly and transparently, applying existing tests of necessity and proportionality – including establishing an AI ethical code of practice, ensuring diversity of thought and experience in its development and governance, and protecting privacy and ensuring systematic fairness.


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