Germany’s Draft Bill on IT Security 2.0 – Extended BSI Authorities, Stricter Penalties and New …

Germany has, historically, had a more comprehensive approach to privacy than most other nations. With this new legislation it is looking to extend the EU NIS Directive to protect critical infrastructure. If you operate a utility or a financial organisation in Germany you should be aware of your obligations…:

[…] At present, the planned amendments are at an early stage of the legislative process and the publication in their final form is —at best—not expected before the end of this year. However, the Draft Bill contains a number of changes and points to significant consequences that are likely to result from the final legislative outcome. In the coming months, the bill is expected to be widely discussed in various committees, as stricter penalties along with a set of new obligations for KRITIS operators and telecommunications/telemedia service providers exert more pressure on both. As far as the economic aspects are concerned, it seems fair to assume that the proposed legal innovations will lead to considerable additional costs overall.

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