Good cybersecurity habits still lacking despite greater device use, report says

One thing that these kind of articles don’t cover is the psychology behind the user behaviour. My not-scientific view is that people don’t perceive the personal risk of leaving routers unsecured, reusing credential etc…:

Digital activities such as online shopping and video calling friends have skyrocketed in popularity over the last year, but many people are still not following basic cybersecurity practices.

That is according to a new report on digital safety by online security firm McAfee.

The company’s 2021 Consumer Security Mindset report found that 79% of those who have taken up online banking would continue using it post-lockdown, while 60% who discovered social media and 56% of those now using online food deliveries said they plan to continue the habit.

But the report warns that despite this increase in online presence, many users have gaps in their digital knowledge – more than half of those asked (56%) said they had not used any cybersecurity solutions last year, and 65% said they had never considered the value of their data being stored online.

This lack of security practices is despite many being concerned by the idea of cyber attacks, McAfee said, with the report finding that 57% said they are worried about breaches, with 62% saying there were fearful of having their banking details stolen.


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