Google fixes Nest Cam bug that let ex-owners of used devices see video, report says

Much as selling an old computer comes with risks, selling an old IoT device might leave you unexpectedly exposed…:

Google has reportedly fixed a bug that let former owners of used Nest cameras access security video feeds. The bug, spotted earlier by Wirecutter, occurred even when ex-users had factory-reset their Nest Indoor Cam before giving it to someone else.

Google is responsible for Nest and its smart home products after acquiring the company in 2014. It initially ran Nest as a separate business under Google parent company Alphabet, but Nest was then absorbed by Google early in 2018, and merged with Google’s smart home division by July of that year.

The Nest Cam bug was originally discovered by a member of a Facebook group for Wink users, who realized he was able to access a feed of the new owner’s Nest camvia his Wink account, Wirecutter’s report said.


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