Google Lets iPhone Users Turn Device into Security Key

I’ve been using my iPhone as a security device with several providers, but each requires a seperate app or an enrolment to something like Google Authenicator. This development should help widespread adoption, as long as you have some trust in Google…:

Google today announced updates to its Advanced Protection Program (APP), including the option for Apple iPhone users to use their smartphone as a security key instead of buying a separate physical key. It’s also bringing easier enrollment for the program to iPhone and Android devices.

APP aims to bring stronger security protections to politicians, journalists, activists, business executives, and other high-risk individuals likely to be targeted with cyberattacks. It’s difficult to define what makes these people vulnerable, as it depends on who they are and what they do. Politicians may be at higher risk during an election year; some activists may be targeted by their own governments. Journalists may be at higher risk if they’re in a war zone or certain countries.


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