Got hit by a cyber attack? Hackers will probably come after you again – within a year | ZDNet

Anyone involved in fundraising will tell you that the most likely people to give you a donation are those that have done so in the past…:

Most companies that get hit by a cyberattack are likely to fall victim again – sometimes repeatedly – as many struggle to improve their cybersecurity strategy, even after incidents.

According to research by cybersecurity company Cymulate, 39% of companies were hit by cybercrime over the past 12 months – and of those, two-thirds were hit more than once. Of those hit more than once, one in 10 fell victim to further cyberattacks 10 or more times.

“It wasn’t one and done – in fact, if you were hit, you had much more chance of being hit a second time or multiple times,” Dave Klein, director of cyber evangelism at Cymulate told ZDNet.


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