Government confirms breakthrough in cyber-attack

An update on the ransomware attack in Ireland. I now want to know why the key has been passed over, if no money has changed hands…:

The government has confirmed a decryption key has been made available online which may support the ongoing work to repair the impact of the cyber-attack on the HSE’s IT systems.

The ransomware gang behind the cyber attack has provided the key, but the government says it’s still assessing if it’s genuine.

A detailed technical process to ensure the integrity of the decryption tool is now being carried out by the National Cyber Security Centre and private contractors.

They’re trying to determine if it would support the restoration of the HSE computer systems, rather than cause further harm.

The government says that while it’s an encouraging development, the detailed programme of work to repair and restore the IT systems still needs to be carried out.

It’s also emphasised that no ransom has been paid, or will be paid, by the Irish State to the criminals behind the hack.

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