Government consults on future UK-EU cyber relations

Irrespective of Brexit the U.K. is looking to mutual certification of security products across the EU….:

The EU Cyber Security Act – which is intended to lay the legal groundwork for the creation of security certifications across Europe – came into effect earlier this summer. The law allows for national schemes for certifying the security of products and services to be mutually recognised across all other member states.

The goal is to support the European Commission’s goal of cultivating a “digital single market” across the EU. The legislation is particularly targeted at the data and internet of things sectors.

According to a government consultation document published this week, as part of the act’s implementation, “the European Commission will publish a union-wide rolling work programme which will identify strategic priorities for future European cybersecurity certification schemes, including a list of ICT products, services and processes that might be included in the scope of a scheme”.


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