Grey Zone Attacks and the Art of Statecraft

Given the ratcheting up of tensions between Russia and the US it’s worth a few minutes to research the Grey Zone, according to our friends in Australia…:

[…] A paper published last June by the Army Research Centre explained that “Grey Zone simply represents the latest iteration of an alternative label for statecraft. Other sufficiently synonymous labels include political warfare, coercive statecraft, strategic competition and hybrid war(fare).”

The Army’s Futures Statement on Accelerated Warfare, also published last year, warned that “state and non-state actors are using coercive means below the threshold of war to gain advantage and disrupt other actors. These ‘Grey Zone’ actions, combined with information operations and cyber-attacks, are increasing in intensity of competitive actions across diplomatic, information, military and economic elements of national power”.

These methods have resembled those seen over the last decade from Russia conducting Grey Zone activities in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, or China in the South China Sea and surrounds. The Grey Zone methodology uses every means at a nation’s command — short of war — to achieve national objectives.


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