GTDeploy Cuts Delays in Pushing Out Urgent Security Patches

There’s a tendency for developers to think in generic terms about their target platforms and use cases. You’ll hear “Mobile First”, “Always On”, “Fail Fast” and other such aperçu being used liberally. What you will hear less of is “Low Bandwidth”, “Intermittent Connection”, “Mission Critical System” which are the operating conditions for a lot of maritime (and aviation) systems. I applaud the creation of systems like this one as a way of addressing some of the problems, though I’d like to think that all patches are thoroughly tested before pushing out. We don’t want ships sinking because of a buffer overflow…:

[…] Whether updates are better performed when a vessel is under way or postponed until reaching port, GTDeploy allows applications to be managed through an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard interface.  Its use saves ship operators time and money by reducing the logistical burden of either manually updating every PC remotely or sending IT personnel or local agents to visit ships in person.

GTDeploy is airtime agnostic, which means it will function regardless of the type and capability of satellite communications set up on a ship. This is particularly relevant for mixed or managed fleets, where ships have different hardware and varying configurations. If an application needs additional library files, for example, these are fetched automatically and included in the transmission package.


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