Hackers breach Volusion and start collecting card details from thousands of sites

Don’t shop for Elmo just yet. more seriously, this highlights the problems of using third party services. Remember ‘Trust, but verify’…:

[…] Hackers have breached the infrastructure of Volusion, a provider of cloud-hosted online stores, and are delivering malicious code that records and steals payment card details entered by users in online forms.

More than 6,500 stores are impacted, but the number could be even higher. In a press release published last month, Volusion claimed it had more than 20,000 customers.

The most notable compromise is the Sesame Street Live online store, which has been taken down earlier today after another journalist reached out.

At the time of writing, the malicious code is still on Volusion’s servers and is still being delivered to all of the company’s client stores.

Volusion has not returned emails or phone calls from this reporter, nor from security researchers from Check Point and Trend Micro. Cyber-security firm RiskIQ is also tracking the incident and confirmed the hack to ZDNet.


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