Hackers post evidence they have beer giant Lion’s confidential files

I’m not sure if this is one of the ‘nation-state’ attacks that the Australian PM was referring to, but threatening beer supplies is serious stuff. One important lesson so far is that there’s no ‘immunity’ from cyber attacks. The studies show that you are more likely to be breached if you’ve suffered from breach before…:

Hackers responsible for successive cyber attacks on Lion Australia, the beverage giant behind beer brands Little Creatures, XXXX, Tooheys and James Squire, are threatening to auction or publish confidential company data on the dark web unless they are paid a reported ransom of $1 million.

Lion, which is also behind dairy brands Dairy Farmers and Pura, told employees during an all-staff meeting on Thursday afternoon that it had been hit by a second cyber attack that had further disrupted its IT systems. Company chief executive officer Stuart Irvine told employees that the beverage giant is now focusing on beefing up its network defences even as it continues to undo the damage to its systems from the first attack, according to a source who listened to the briefing.

The briefing came as hackers, claiming responsibility for the attacks, have provided proof that they have stolen confidential copies of the company’s and its clients’ files.

“You have 5 days to contact us and pay, otherwise all your financial, personal information your clients and other important confidential (sic) documents will be published or put up for auction,” the hackers said in a note, accompanied by multiple screenshots of files.

A screenshot of the threat on the dark web.
A screenshot of the threat on the dark web.CREDIT:DARK WEB

The ransom note from the hackers has forced Lion to change its tune on whether the hackers had managed to pilfer sensitive company information through the attacks.


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