Homes With NBN Connected Huawei Routers A Security Risk Including Meriton Apartments

This is from Australia, one of the Five Eyes countries. Reading the article, I couldn’t see any evidence that the Huawei devices have been ‘backdoored’ so it looks suspiciously like scaremongering associated with the 5G debate…:

Fibre to the home operator, LBNCo and network and fibre solution provider Opticomm could be putting thousands of homes at risk after it was revealed that one of their partner Companies FueNet is supplying Meriton apartments as well as residencies who have contracted them with Huawei routers that have been linked with sending data back to the Chinese Communist Party.

News Corporation exposed the link after it was revealed that the two Companies who are suppliers to Meriton and have built out the networking requirements to tens of thousands of Meriton apartments since 2014 using a service where the Wi Fi and ethernet modem is connected directly to a questionable Huawei router.


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