Hosting Provider Hit With Largest-Ever DDoS Attack

Is there a Guinness World Record for DDoS? This one looks like someone was doing some willy-waving…:

[…] Attackers leveled the largest distributed denial-of-service attack to date against a specific website hosted by a large service provider in early June, topping a bandwidth of 1.44 terabits per second and 385 million packets-per-second.

Internet infrastructure firm Akamai, which revealed the attack today, said a second attack topped 500 megabits-per-second and targeted a different site at the same provider. While Akamai would not give more details about the targeted sites, the company said the attacker focused on the websites for a “social” reason, and Akamai does not believe that the hosting provider was the target, says Roger Barranco, vice president of global security operations for Akamai.


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