How 5G and IoT devices open up the attack surface on enterprises

Many of my clients have ignore the risks from cameras, IP telephones, meeting room equipment and other ‘not computer’ equipment on their networks. 5G will make the attack surface a whole lot larger. Time to model the threats now before it becomes a fire drill…:

[…] The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently posted a set of draft recommendations regarding IoT cyber security. Though not enforceable, it calls for IoT manufacturers to design cyber security capabilities into their systems, including baselines for data protection, logical access to interfaces, software and firmware updates, and cyber security state awareness.

Even in existing technologies, researchers continue to discover unknown problems. For example, researchers at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology discovered 36 security flaws in 4G last year. So the reality of 5G is that as a new technology, it’s bound to have security vulnerabilities.


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