How are self-proclaimed nerds handling the pandemic?

If you want a microcosm of how different cultures are handling the pandemic and a robust ‘discussion’ of individual freedom vs. government action, here’s a discussion on Slashdot that made me smile, grimace, and appreciate my tribe. Here at Chez Glock it’s pretty much life as normal (we work from my home on Zoom/Teams/Webex/Citrix…) except I haven’t been outside the village let alone the country in months and my car is still on the same tankful that it had in March. How is it with you?…:

turp182 writes: What’s your story? How are you doing? What do you predict? Below is a summary of the stats I’ve been following, some assumptions, and an overview of my personal situation. Anyway, how you all doing?

Current Situation:
1. 2.415 million active reported infected
2. 7% infected death rate globally
3. 6% infected death rate in U.S.
4. Very high case-fatality ratios in Europe (France, Spain, and Italy, 12-17% infected die) — has to be a combination of older people getting sick, overwhelmed health system, public transit, late lockdown.
5. Daily infection rates are stable at around 3,500 per hour (globally)
6. Daily death rates are stable around 200 per hour (globally)
7. Daily recoveries is increasing linearly and is around 1,700 per hour (globally)
8. The U.S. has 5% of global population but 30%+ cases/deaths of global COVID-19.

My Assumptions:
1. This will be with us for at least a couple of years.
2. Vaccine will be a year or more away.
3. Most everyone will be exposed or contract the virus.
4. This will cull the elderly and also low wage workers.
4.1 — Food supply is already an issue and will get worse.
5. Fabric of Society will decay.
5.1 — More shootings and then home invasions as people run out of survival options.
5.2 — Local efforts have gone a long way to preventing this, but it seems inevitable to me on some level.

My Situation:
1. Working from home, well-paid IT job
2. Wife unemployed (she was set to start a new job the day of the lockdowns)
3. Kids doing 3.5 hours/day of schooling via Zoom (reasonably effective if a parent is present)
4. I camp at a friend’s farm about every two weeks (the Sanity Maker!).
5. Started smoking again, I realize it’s the worst time to do so, but f*ck it.
6. Haven’t needed gas for the car in 2 months, I go out about once a week, my wife does more times for groceries and basics.
7. No idea how the summer is going to play out when the kids get out of school in a couple of weeks.
8. Bug-out location identified and being stocked.

Reference: John Hopkins Data