How healthcare is vulnerable to cyber attacks, assassinations & geopolitical agendas

Some happy thoughts for you…:

[…] For example, if a state-sponsored hackers or a criminal organization were to gain access to a medical device used by a high-profile target, the hackers could simply switch it off and assassinate their target, and Staynings provides many scenarios in which something like this could happen.

“We’re talking about cyber assassination. You no longer need to be MI6 and issued a Walther PPK in order to assassinate someone; you just need to gain access to the medical devices that are keeping that individual alive,” he said.

“What would happen if the airflow were to stop, or were to be reversed in a hospital emergency room or COVID ward, so that patients were spreading the disease throughout the building versus being evacuated out through the roof?

“What would happen if elevators stopped working because they were attacked and patients could no longer be moved from floor to floor?

“What would happen if there were a mass attack against a network connecting infusion pumps, or X-ray machines were compromised?” Staynings postulated.

As a real world example, former US Vice President Dick Cheney had the WiFi disabled on his pacemaker because he feared a terrorist attack on his life.


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