How I almost lost thousands after falling for email hacking scam

Buying a house/remortgaging is probably the largest financial transaction that many of us will undertake. Email is too easy to compromise. Put the two things together and this is what you get…:

[…] Just over two hours later, I got a call from an ASB fraud investigator, asking me to confirm why I had made the payment.

The investigator then said the money had gone into a Bank of New Zealand account, but the BNZ had frozen the payment, because there had been cases of hackers intercepting business emails when people were transferring large sums.

My heart sank. The doubts I let go unanswered, suddenly seemed like glaring red flags. I instantly felt a fool.

Frantic calls to the mortgage advisor confirmed he didn’t send the emails. He was shocked to discover his email had been hacked.

That night, the BNZ fully refunded the payment.

Many victims are not so lucky.


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