How Microsoft Disabled Legacy Authentication Across the Company

A cautionary tale and a chance to learn from Microsoft’s experience…:

[…] “It didn’t quite work out that way,” he added.

The team deployed this disablement policy across its 60,000-person sales force. They left their desks that day in October 2018 and soon started getting calls in the middle of the night: the TeleSales app, used to contact customers and take orders, wasn’t working among Australian users. “It’s a critical app for our sales force, and when we looked into this, we discovered there’s one account that was used to run the back end of all our TeleSales applications,” said Walker. This account, hidden in the data, was being blocked by the legacy authentication policy.

This policy caused the app to break, which took down the sales force for effectively a whole day, considering the time difference and the time it takes to escalate issues. “They could not make money for a day, and that was a big deal,” Walker noted.


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