How the NYPD’s fingerprint database got shut down by a computer virus

Another example of weaknesses in the supply chain. I’d be interested to know what the sign-off procedure is (if any) for allowing a third-party device onto the network. Do you let anyone plug anything onto your network without checking first?…:

The NYPD’s high-tech fingerprint database was temporarily brought down by a bumbling contractor with a virus-infected mini computer, The Post has learned.

A contractor was setting up a digital display at the police academy in Queens on Oct. 5, 2018, when he plugged in a tainted NUC mini-PC — and it transmitted an unidentified virus to 23 machines linked to the department’s LiveScan fingerprint-tracking system, the NYPD confirmed.

Cops realized within hours that there had been a breach, according to Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology Jessica Tisch, who said the department’s cyber command and the Joint Terrorism Task Force were notified of the contamination.

“We wanted to get to the bottom of this,” Tisch said. “Was this plugged in maliciously was really important for us to get to the bottom of this.”

The virus — generally referred to as “ransomware” because it locks users out of infected computers until they pay a ransom — “never executed,” but the NYPD shut down LiveScan that night and reinstalled software on 200 computers citywide out of an abundance of caution, she said.


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