How to Use Clubhouse, the Audio-Only, By-Invite App, Without Giving Up All of Your Data

I’ve seen a few of my business contacts piling in to Clubhouse. A warning…it comes with quite a few privacy and security issues…:

[…] You can use Clubhouse without providing access to your contact list as long as you don’t plan to invite anybody to the app. But that doesn’t stop other users from uploading your phone number along with their contact lists—and that’s become a sore spot for people who don’t even use the app.

Whitney Merrill, a privacy attorney, says she never offered Clubhouse her phone number, yet the company has it due to a friend. “It’s not possible to consent on behalf of people whose information is being shared,” she says. She is currently trying to get her information removed under the California Consumer Protection Act.

Clubhouse is gathering more contact information than necessary for functionality, Merrill contends. “It doesn’t look like it’s sharing for the purposes of facilitating the invite,” she says. “It’s sharing to create a social network graph . . . that then surfaces to the user how many of your potential invite friends or contacts might be already on the platform.”


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