Huawei believes banning it from 5G will make countries insecure

Two observations about Huawei: First, notice how many non-Chinese management positions have been created; Second, it’s an interesting logical twist to say, in effect, “We’re bound to be screwing up security in our 5G rollouts around the world, you won’t be able to learn from our mistakes unless you buy our stuff”..:

[…] The Chinese giant’s recently appointed chief technology and cyber security officer David Soldani said last week that Australia is set for a world of cyber pain.

“Blocking companies from certain countries does nothing to make Australia any safer from cybersecurity issues — in fact it just makes things worse because they are not addressing the real issues on cybersecurity,” Soldani said.

The CTSO warned that thanks to Huawei being ahead of its rivals in 6G research, it could see how insecure those networks could potentially be as the attack surface becomes larger.

“With the converge of management and control plane, AI will poses a significant impact on network security, as it might be exploited to launch more effective attacks, and in some scenarios, the security of AI systems is a matter of life and death,” he said.

“Unlike security vulnerabilities in traditional systems, the root cause of security weaknesses in machine learning systems lies in the lack of explainability, which leaves openings that can be exploited by adversarial machine learning methods such as evasion, poisoning, and backdoor attacks.

“Attackers may also implant backdoors in models and launch targeted attacks or extract model parameters or training data from query results.”

The wording from Soldari is particularly interesting, considering that the term backdoors is quite heated when placed next to the word Huawei.

Head to the nearest interview with founder Ren Zhengfei, and once again Ren repeats past assurances about not installing backdoors.


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