Huawei ensures cyber security with a huge transformation

Huawei appears to be getting on with the job of fixing the vulnerabilities in their equipment. Still no resolution of the trade war difficulties though…:

Huawei Technologies, the world’s largest telecom equipment maker, has taken a series of measures to ensure the security of its products stands up to international scrutiny, a senior executive has revealed.

“All the things that were published by the United Kingdom’s Oversight Board were obviously true. They are very professional and credible. They pulled apart our software and published all the deficiencies that we had,” Paul Scanlan, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei, told Asia Times in an exclusive interview.

“What we are taking now is a very mature approach to make our software trustworthy,” Scanlan said. “What training programs and key performance indices do we need to put in place to understand that the trustworthiness in our software is intrinsic in the build-quality and the reproduction of the software system?

“The tools that we’ve got, the training programs that we’ve put together and the first couple of modules that come out from the production lines … I believe the UK government will be very happy with those,” he said after a recent visit to the company’s research and development facilities.

On March 28, the UK government’s Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre Oversight Board published a fifth annual report to the country’s National Security Adviser. The Oversight Board criticized Huawei for its “poor software engineering and cybersecurity processes” that led to security and quality issues, including vulnerabilities.


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