Huawei rules out cybersecurity risk management mechanism in cooperation with Chinese gov’t

Huawei makes the point that all of it’s competitors operate in China, and use Chinese-manufactured components in their products. There’s a bigger point here. If you have a disk drive in your device, it probably came from Thailand, LCD screens from Taiwan, and so on. To talk about a product being ‘Chinese’ or ‘European’ is basically meaningless…:

[…]Chen said Huawei has signed over 50 5G commercial contracts across the world. Twenty-eight of these were signed in Europe.

She described ongoing discussions in Europe around the security of 5G networks as rational with a clear focus on security. This contrasts with the narrative in the US, where “logic is missing,” as Washington is focusing solely on the location of the vendor’s headquarters, she said.

Huawei was established in southern China and is still headquartered there, but it has set up numerous significant research and development facilities around the world, including many in the west, which all contribute to Huawei’s products and services.

The company’s main competitors are northern Europe-headquartered Ericsson and Nokia, which have joint ventures with Chinese companies in China that churn out telecom equipment sold widely in and outside China, she said.

Therefore it defies logic to say that Huawei’s products are Chinese and its competitors’ products are not Chinese, she said.


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