Hundreds arrested US-Nigeria crackdown on cyber scams

This is a step up from the old-school ‘Nigerian Prince’ scams. Good to see trans-national operations succeeding…:

The US Department of Justice announced Tuesday that 281 people were arrested in a global crackdown on wire transfer scams.

Over a four-month period, “Operation reWired” was aimed at stopping so-called business email compromise (BEC) schemes, which are “designed to intercept and hijack wire transfers from businesses and individuals,” the Justice Department said.

The schemes under investigation were said to have originated with transnational criminal organizations in Nigeria, but then spread throughout the world. The operation was carried out in conjunction with Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Along with 74 arrests in the United States, 167 people were arrested in Nigeria, 18 in Turkey and 15 in Ghana. Other arrests were made in France, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, and the UK. The operation resulted in the seizure of nearly $3.7 million (€3.35 million).


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