‘I lost £4000 in a call centre scam’

I guess many of us have had the call from “Microsoft” saying “There is a problem with your computer” which I find hilarious as I don’t run Windows (not often, anyway). This scam is at a different level of sophistication as it starts with a reasonable, professional looking security ‘service’ which an unsuspecting small business or even individual might sign up for…:

[…] The raids by the cyber division of Kolkata Police targeted two call centres in the Indian city thought to have been used to target thousands of victims in the UK and the United States

Retired businessman Mr Varey says the price of the computer security protection first attracted him: ” I thought per year, that’s quite cheap. And I agreed to sign up for it.”

A few months later the phone rang one evening in his Devon home. It was the security firm telling him he had a serious problem and needed to go and look at his computer.

There he was shown what he was told was a Russian man who had taken over his computer. “I looked at this screen where there’s a picture of a thick set man in his 50s, I guess, on a computer doing things.

“And this chap said ‘Oh my god, oh my god, this is worse than I thought.’ And he was increasing my level of anxiety to the point where I was panicking.”

He was then shown the man buying guns, ammunition and hand grenades. The adviser on the phone said there was one thing he could do to make the problem go away – pay for an advanced level of security at a “special offer” price of £4,000.


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