Inside The Elite Israeli Military Unit 8200

I’ve worked with several ex-8200 people. As well as the experience that they gain from being under constant attack, they are also given every encouragement to set up a business which is a major factor in why some many infosec business are founded, or have their research arm in Israel…:

[…] Ariel spent over 20 years as an 8200 unit member before retiring as a colonel. The unit, which is comparable the United States’ National Security Agency or the UK’s GCHQ, is the largest single unit of Israel’s Defense Forces. During his time with the unit, Ariel held roles in intelligence, information technology, offensive and defensive cyber security operations, and cyber warfare. He was awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Prize for technological breakthroughs in cyber security.

Ariel believes the success success of the military branch is due to a couple of things. For one, each year, new talent enters the military. He credits the unit’s constant energy and innovation to the continuous addition of fresh-minded young soldiers.

Second, the unit is in constant demand. The digital ecosystem is rife with challenges that 8200 is called upon to work on. For example, it is currently providing the Israeli Health Ministry with data science expertise to analyze the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Finally, 8200 started out as a SIGNIT unit, but its talented leaders saw the need to take a disruptive approach to IT which laid the foundation for its successful cyber security capabilities.


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