Insider threats: Are employee devices the biggest risk to enterprise security?

I’m not a great lover of the “us vs the users” approach to information security. I see some interesting views expressed in the specialist press about how to impose the will of the security team on the rest of the organisation. This is one such example. If you think like this chap, ask yourself “Would I let my IT operations team have full unfettered access to my personal device?”…:

[…] Reaching a tipping point, where mobile, apps and business intersect, it is important for companies to focus on the enterprise app, through which they will be able to monitor and control the manner in which employees access information on their mobile devices and centralise security. The main advantage being that apps can be configured before they are downloaded, and businesses can create blacklists of apps for specific users. IT then has a single point from which to manage the provisioning and decommissioning of apps and the implementation of security policies. […]

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