Insultingly, Facebook continues to try to convince users that privacy-violating targeted ads are good

Full disclosure: I’m a Facebook user, but a grudging one. I know they see me and my data as the product to be served up to advertisers. I know because I am also one of those advertisers…:

[…] Facebook knows it has lost the generally tech-savvy on privacy grounds. There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle, there’s no convincing you that they are for our good.

But there is plenty of room to tell everybody else that this is really a very simple story of good versus evil, and Facebook is somehow maintaining that it is the good guy with a straight face. Facebook will not shut up about how it is the sole champion of all small businesses, even as that is not true, because everybody cares about small business owners.

Facebook will not even whisper about the only absolutely true thing in its entire campaign, that it’s afraid for its own profits.

We all support the idea of people building a business out of nothing but then once they’ve done it, few worry too much about its bottom line. Facebook just makes it harder than ever to care about its income when it is quite plain that it does not care about us.

Right back at the very start, when Mark Zuckerberg started “The Facebook” in Harvard, he described all users as being “dumb f***s.” He’s since said he regrets it, but if he ever genuinely changed his mind about us, the new tirades suggest he’s changed it right back.

In its quest to look like the good guy, Facebook is repeating statistics that have been disproven. But, it doesn’t care because if it keeps saying them, enough people will believe.

That does not include the tech savvy, but it does include the kind of America that doesn’t live in technology, that doesn’t follow its every move. That audience is the one most likely to stay with Facebook, so long as Facebook can persuade enough of them that it’s a good guy.


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