IoTAA publishes IoT security, safety and privacy guides

If you’re developing and/or deploying IoT devices, this is worth a read…:

The Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IoTAA) has published “plain language” guides to security, safety and privacy for Internet of Things (IoT) users and technology providers.

The guides are the first of their type produced in Australia, according to the IoTAA, which is the peak Australian IoT industry body – although the Australian Cyber Security Centre also offers tips aimed at helping the community buy and use IoT devices securely.

The IoTAA guides are designed to increase awareness of IoT risks and “actionable outcomes”. They feature tips for designing, sourcing and managing IoT technology.

The IoT Users Security Awareness Guide covers IoT security, safety and privacy in homes and businesses, including secure use of devices, data, accounts and digital identity.


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