Is Iran behind the Black Shadow attacks and does it matter? – The Jerusalem Post

Attribution for an attack is notoriously difficult as this article points out…:
As the Black Shadow hacker group announced its latest attack in recent days, the company involved was quick to point the finger at Iran, as other victims of the group had done in past attacks, but is Iran really the culprit in this case?
“Black Shadow is pure and simple financial attacks,” said Zohar Pinhasi, the CEO of the cybersecurity firm Monstercloud CEO to The Jerusalem Post. “Anybody can come up with a claim saying that this group came from this country, that group came from another country. It takes years of investigation [to locate these groups] and in some cases it is impossible.”
Pinhasi pointed to the case of an extremely active hacker group called SamSam which was eventually found to be run by Iran-based hackers after operating for a number of years, stressing that it took years for authorities to track down the cybercriminals, and even then it was only able to track them down after the hackers made a mistake and left a lead.

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