(ISC)² calls for collaboration amongst UK Cyber Security Council membership and training bodies

I’m a member of the British Computer Society which is the chartered institute for IT. There are several other industry bodies that provide professional development. For cybersecurity, we now have a specific council that pulls the efforts together. Good stuff…

(ISC)² called for more and continued industry collaboration amongst membership and training bodies linked with cybersecurity skills and professional development.

Doing so will bolster the cross-industry work that has built the new UK Cyber Security Council, as well as further collective efforts to advocate for members and greater industry awareness of cybersecurity trends and threats.

Commissioned by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the Council has been created as an independent, self-regulatory body for cybersecurity education and skills.

As an umbrella organisation for the sector, and with industry-wide support, it will serve as a single governing voice for the industry to establish the knowledge, skills and experience required for a range of cybersecurity jobs.

The creation of the Council, by the cross-industry Cyber Security Alliance, will bring cybersecurity in the UK in line with other professions such as law, medicine and engineering. […]

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