Israel’s cybersecurity industry is now a powerful force – its biggest challenge may be its own success

I’ve carried articles on the Israeli security industry before (full disclosure – I work with one of these companies). This time, the WhatsApp hack shines the spotlight…:

It is so secretive that the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) didn’t publicly acknowledge its existence until only a few years ago.

Its youthful recruits, mostly aged 18-21 and recruited directly out of school for their computer and hacking skills, are not even permitted to tell their parents they are members.

But Unit 8200 – the shadowy Israeli army unit responsible for signals intelligence and code decryption – is fast becoming a powerful engine for the country’s tech-fuelled economy.

This week it emerged that cutting edge Israeli spyware produced by NSO, a private company reportedly co-founded by former Unit 8200 soldiers, was used to hack the phones of human rights lawyers representing Saudi dissidents […]

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