iTunes Zero-Day Exploited to Deliver BitPaymer

Mildly ironic that Apple has dropped iTunes from the MacOS platform. Update now…:

The ransomware operators targeted an “unquoted path” vulnerability in iTunes for Windows to evade detection and install BitPaymer.


BitPaymer operators are sophisticated and savvy in launching attacks. A month before they discovered the iTunes zero-day, Morphisec researchers saw the group creating new variants of the ransomware before planting it on a target network, making detection much more difficult. This group carefully chooses its victims and sits on the network for a while before it strikes.

Now the same attackers are taking advantage of an “unquoted path” vulnerability in the Bonjour updater that comes bundled with iTunes for Windows. This is a well-known flaw that has been identified by vendors for more than 15 years but is rarely seen in active attacks.


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