Japan says defence data possibly breached

This all happened a long time ago…:

The Japanese defence ministry said late on Monday that sensitive data on defence equipment may have been breached as a result of cyber attacks on Mitsubishi Electric, a major supplier of the country’s defence and infrastructure systems.

The company has told the ministry that potentially stolen data included requirements for defence equipment that the ministry specified for contract bidders in October 2018, the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry said it was still in the process of investigating the security impact of the potential leak. Mitsubishi Electric did not win the contract in the auction.

Mitsubishi Electric initially denied the possibility of a breach of sensitive defence and infrastructure data when it first reported on the 200-megabyte cyber attacks by a third party on January 20.

But subsequent checks at the company revealed that the defence ministry’s information that required special care was included in data potentially stolen by the attacks, Mitsubishi Electric said in a separate statement on Monday.

The company has said it first discovered the cyber attacks in June last year, more than half a year before it disclosed them to the public.


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