Kremlin-linked cyber hackers steal hundreds of medical trial records from British coronavirus lab

Tabloid news reporting of COVID-19-related cyber activities. If I were running a national security agency I’d be attempting to track all research activity and compare it with public statements with the suspicion that nation states might hold back useful research…:

[…] A West London clinical facility that runs trials for medicines and vaccines was attacked in March, with hackers stealing reams of intimate data.

Hammersmith Medical Research (HMR) admitted that historic scans of passports, national insurance cards and visa documents, as well as patient photos, health questionnaires and medical history documents, were stolen on March 14.

The Maze group of hackers claimed responsibility for the attack and even published some of the medical records on the dark web, with the lab turning to Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre for help.

It is understood that further investigation suggests the hackers responsible are based in Georgia and linked to the Kremlin and the Russian security services. One source claimed the hackers demanded £2 million for the return of data, but sickeningly offered the company a ‘discount’ if it found a cure for Covid-19.

HMR did not respond to a request for comment, but in a statement on its website said it was testing for Covid-19 for the NHS ‘free of charge’. No data directly relating to this testing has been stolen.


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