LabCorp data also compromised by breach at AMCA

Supply chain risk goes both ways. You might be breached because of a weakness in your supply chain or one of your customers may experience a breach because you couldn’t keep their clients’ data safe…:


George Wrenn, founder and CEO at CyberSaint Security, a cyber security platform vendor, says that, because of the interconnectedness of modern business, he would be surprised to not soon learn about other companies affected by the breach.

“Managing, tracking and protecting the data that flows to and from our third parties is critical to cybersecurity resilience and a foundation of privacy best practices,” Wrenn adds. “Organizations have a duty to ensure that third parties are guarding their patients’ personally identifiable information, and this event is certainly evidence of its importance. The prevalence of third-party breaches, as well as the severity, is only increasing as digitization takes over modern business.”

AMCA now is sending breach notifications to 200,000 affected individuals whose credit or bank information may have been improperly accessed. AMCA further has taken steps to increase security and tighten down on the security of data handled by vendors. The business associate also has told LabCorp it intends to provide about 200,000 consumers with more information on the specific incident with AMCA, and offer two years of identity protection and credit monitoring services.

LabCorp has ceased working with AMCA and has stopped the firm from working on any pending collection requests involving LabCorp consumers.

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